The Millennium College Years

Future World College Years Programme – TMCY  

Future World Schools and Colleges are centers of academic excellence and holistic growth as learners enrolled at FWS&C are provided with numerous exciting opportunities to exhibit their abilities and talents, further enhance their skills and unleash their full potential. Learners are exposed to enriching learning experiences throughout their academic tenure of college years which prepares them for the secure and bright future ahead.  

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The Millennium College Years programme offers GCE Advanced A Level programme 

The Millennium College Years programme offers GCE Advanced A Level programme which is a “gold standard” and one of the most recognized international qualifications around the world. For over five decades now, Cambridge GCE Advanced A Level has been accepted as proof of academic ability for higher education qualifications at the top international universities and institutions of the world.  GCE Advanced A Level is a two-year programme for learners between the ages of 16 -18 years old.

This qualification constitutes of GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS Level) and Advanced Level (AL) qualifications. Examinations are taken at the end of the two years of this programme or if students opt for Cambridge AS Level, the examinations are taken after a year either as part of the A-Level course, or as a qualification in their own right. Alternatively, the examinations for A Level qualification are taken at the end of a two-year course. Appearing for Advanced Subsidiary examinations at the end of the first year prepares learners to study a broader range of subjects without committing to a full A level. 

Most widely accepted qualifications for university admissions are Cambridge International AS level (Advanced Subsidiary Levels) and A Levels Qualifications. GCE A level qualification is equivalent to Pakistan`s Higher Secondary School Certificate i.e. HSSC. Generally, students move to AS and A-Levels in the academic year following their IGCSE, IBMYP and Matriculation results. AS and A Level examinations are taken in May/ June and Oct/ Nov every year. 

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During Future World College College Years Programme, great emphasis put on developing knowledge, and deep understanding of subject content in learners to enable them to apply the obtained knowledge to daily life problems, scenarios and events; and experience the practical application of what they have learnt within the classroom in the practical world. 

At FWC, the experienced and world-class academic faculty and guidance counsellor help learners in defining and exploring their career interests and unleashing their potential by providing them with a customized set of opportunities considering the need of individual learners hence preparing them to gain acceptance at their dream university. FWC Guidance Counselors work closely with learners to ensure their smooth transition from School to College and from College to University Level through an extensive school college guidance counselling programme. 

Guidance Counsellor engages learners in various programmes designed incorporating a blend of academic and beyond-the-classroom activities ranging from Social Action and Community service to Summer Schools at international universities to build in them productive habits, make them responsible citizens and provide them with holistic growth opportunities.