The Millennium Early Years

Future world school is one of the Best Montessori school in Pakistan & Early Year Scool in Pakistan offering Montessori programme with highly qualified teaching staff and learning environment. The Millennium Early Years at Future World Schools reflects the vision of investing into child’s development from early years school and hence incorporates a perfect blend of early learning approach and homelike environment with teaching from dedicated Montessori Directresses. The admission of a child into Montessori at Future World Schools is the first step to ensure that the child receives the optimal amount of “Love” and “Sense of Belongingness” irrespective of his/her background or learning abilities.

The Millennium Early Years at Future World Schools has been designed by the experts in child development and therefore focuses on the individual needs of a child to foster and enrich his/her interests, accomplishments and learning styles.

It is absolutely important for a child to find meaning and connection in all living things; hence, the Montessori children are provided with a gradual exposure to practical life exercises that help every child to build a connection with his/her surrounding environment and to master the art of self-care, one step at a time.

Key Points of FWS Early Years Programme

  • Sensorial exercises: These exercises make use of specially designed materials such sound cylinders, color tablets, and cube towers, etc. for stable and well-balanced development of a sense of touch, sight, hearing, and speaking.
  • Geometry and Mathematics: A child is introduced to numbers through hands-on techniques through which he’/she learns one-to-one correspondence, sequencing of numbers, numeration, numeral place value etc.
  • Language: To develop and encourage self-expression, the language curriculum uses a multi-sensory approach comprising of phonics, spellings, grammar, and other language experiences.
  • Geography: Large wooden puzzle maps are used to give the children an idea about the world they are living in.
  • Science: Every child’s curiosity in nature is fueled through science projects.
  • Creative Arts and Crafts: Fine motor development and self-expression is encouraged at the same time by stirring their creativity.
  • Music: The child develops listening skills and well as rhythmic moves.

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About The Early Years Qualification

The Millennium Early Years at Future World Schools uses the framework of “The Millennium International Montessori Programme” (MIMP) that stems from the century old idea of “Prepared Environment” introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori. The early year school framework ensures that the curriculum and pedagogy is in line with child’s progress, thereby supporting teaching and learning that befits international standards applied in our classrooms.

As per International Montessori Standards, Montessori apparatus, books, resource materials, V. Aids, puppetry, role play etc. are used to strengthen the basic skills and senses of a child and to celebrate his/her unique personality, & interests. It is ensured that a positive relationship development is instilled in the heart and mind of every child. Hence the entire MIMP philosophy revolves around taking the most apposite steps towards a child’s learning and development combined with triumph over milestones in an enabling environment.

Future World Early Years Curriculum

“Belongingness”, “Being” and “Becoming” are the three B’s involved in enabling all our learners to become ACTIVE learners. To set the right foundation for success in academics and to provide step by step learning opportunities, the MIMP curriculum comprises of:

  1. Pre Play Group
  2. Play Group
  3. Montessori
  4. Advanced Montessori

As the child progresses through the step by step Montessori curriculum his/he encounter with more challenging yet learning opportunities, he/she gains added confidence to enter into primary education.