Facilities & Programmes

  • Reggio Emilia Early Years Programme
  • Millennium International Montessori Programme MIMP
  • Millennium International Primary Programme MIPP
  • Millennium International Lower Secondary Programme MILSP
  • Ordinary Levels (O Level), Cambridge International Examinations, United Kingdom
  • International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE), Cambridge International Examinations United Kingdom
  • Advanced (A level) & Advanced Subsidiary (AS Level), Cambridge International Examinations, United Kingdom
  • Millennium Intel SFS Information Communication Technology Programme
  • Millennium WWF Green School Programme
  • Millennium Citizenship & Community Education Programme
  • CRI Confucius Classroom Programme
  • PASCH – Millennium German Language Programme
  • Study Skills Exploration Room
  • Music and Movement Room
  • Art, Crafts & Activity Studio Room
  • Nap & Rest Room
  • Indoor Hot & Cold Children Swimming Pool
  • Play area & In house Activity Gym
  • Purpose Built Campus Auditorium
  • Dramatics & Performing Arts Room
  • Budding Scientist Room
  • Early Years Multi Gym Activity Center
  • Reggio Emilia Early Learning Center
  • Montessori Exercise of Practical life Room
  • Montessori Scientific Apparatus Room
  • Health & Nutrition Room
  • Hot & healthy Meal Cafeteria
  • Library & Learning Resource Center
  • Listening Post & Language Development Room
  • Indoor Gaming Room
  • ICT & E-Learning Room
  • Nursing & Medical Room
  • Hygienic Washrooms for children as per age
  • Reading & Story Telling Room
  • 2 Purpose Built Basketball Courts
  • Trampoline and Gymnastics Facilities
  • Changing Room with Individual cubbies for storing children’s belongings
  • Purpose Built Football Pitch, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball Facilities at Future World Campuses Nationwide
  • Millennium Chinese Language Programme
  • Millennium Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Programme
  • Millennium WWF Green School Programme
  • Millennium Intel SFS Information
  • Communication Technology Program
  • Millennium German Language Program
  • Millennium Citizenship & Community Education Program
  • PASCH – The “Schools: PartnersMember for the Future” initiative
  • Microsoft Partners in LearningMember Program
  • Intel Teach and Intel EducationMember Initiative Program
  • Member British Council Global School Partnerships and Connecting Classrooms Program
  • Member Global Entrepreneurship Week GEW by Kauffman Foundation
  • Member Lions Club – QUEST: Skills for Adolescent Program
  • Member Islamabad Traffic Police ITP
  • Road & Traffic Safety Program
  • Member Pakistan Red Resent Society
  • PRCS Junior & Youth Clubs
  • All World Network, USAMember
  • Millennium Beyond the Border
  • Education, Travel & School Links Program
  • Millennium Beyond the Classroom
  • Teaching & Learning Initiatives Program

All the classrooms will be purpose built practical classrooms equipped with technologies and facilities necessary for effective learning providing learners with access. Interactive white boards facilitating 21st century learning, fully equipped air conditioned rooms will be available for art, science, design, technology and music lessons.

State of the art computer lab will provide access to the advanced interactive technology throughout the school at all stages.

A well stocked Learning Resource Centre shall support the curriculum and the reading programme in our schools while encouraging students to carry out research at home. A central computerized LRC is home to over 2,000 fiction and nonfiction books ideal for leisure & satisfying a thirst for knowledge.

  • Sports & Games Club
  • Environment Club
  • Arts & Crafts Club
  • Dramatics & Performing Arts Club
  • Chinese Language Club
  • German Language Club
  • Music & Entertainment Club
  • Digital Literacy Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Karate, Taekwondo & Chinese Tai Ji Club
  • Community & Civic Education Club
  • Literature & History Club
  • Global Citizenship Club
  • Athletics & Gymnastics Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Spelling Bee & Reading Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • The Millennial Society
  • SocietyLiteracy
  • Global Compact SocietyThe UN
  • English Speaking Union Society

To cultivate the aesthetic sense of the students, there are fully equipped Art Rooms in the campus. During the Group Art classes, students have the opportunity to work with various two and three-dimensional media.

Fully equipped science laboratories with the most modern scientific equipment to facilitate practical work.

Karate & Taekwondo Club runs at all levels and is the basic component of our school, extremely important for the overall development of the children.

Environment Club at FWS is a great way to get students energized about taking care of the earth and helping their community while learning about some of the most important issues facing the world in the 21st century.

The Craft Studio at FWS is a recreational art facility that provides space, tools, and instruction to help you explore your creativity, learn new skills, and socialize with other crafters. We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops to fit almost any schedule, budget, and craft interest. Our studio space is furnished with hundreds of tools and open to students to work on independent projects.

Future World Schools Library is managed by qualified and experienced librarians. Our well stocked library support the curriculum programmes in our campus while encouraging students to carry out their own research work. We have allotted days Library period for each class and we encourage the students to sharpen their intellect and knowledge by reading. Students, teachers and other staff members enjoy and spend valuable time in library, which host a treasure of reading materials ranging from; encyclopaedias, reference books, fiction, biographies and novels, books on technical information, magazines and newsletters in both print and soft copy. Students and teachers both avail and enjoy internet facilities during Library hours. Computer systems with internet facilities are also open for all.

Our mission is to raise our children as well- informed citizens.

Multipurpose Auditorium-The Forum is situated on the lower and ground floor in Block-A of FutureWorld School.It is equipped with theatrical lighting, sound system, a main screen with projector, air conditioners, video conferencing facility, podium and a seating capacity of approximately 300 people. The sound proof auditorium can host different event like school annual day, award functions Inter School competitions, seminars, film screening, large lecture, workshops and musical performances. The Forum gives a variety of exposure to our students in showcasing their talents and groom their inborn virtues. Adjacent to the Auditorium, there is a small green / change room and the main lobby, which is used for event  registration.

Future world Access Centre provides educational services and examination resources to students in the effort to help them accelerated their learning progress, catch up their peers and meet learning standards of International qualifications and Examinations. Our academic support encompasses a broad array of educational strategies, including tutoring sessions, supplementary classes, after-school programs, teaching and mentoring, academic support to individual students and more advanced learning opportunities provided to higher-achieving students

Future World School has a dedicated team of Career Counselors who help Students; explore their career options. At FWS we work with the Students to help them find their passion, move forward in their career and achieve their full potential. Our Career Counselors are experts in their field and have long standing links with College Board, leading Universities and Institutions nationwide/worldwide. To upgrade themselves with latest options, tools and techniques, they regularly attend seminars and workshops held by different institutions like British Council, United State Education Foundation etc. Our Counselors will give you professional advice on your child career, course and degree options. They have a strong commitment in order to secure placement of our students in the leading universities according to his / her potential and talent. We invite resource persons from prestigious institutions and universities to share their experience, knowledge and professional know-how with the students which will help in facilitating conscious decision-making. Students are also informed about educational fairs, seminars and Expo.

For the student portfolio and resume building we emphasize a lot on co-curricular activities for the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development and aesthetic development. Creativity, enthusiasm and positive thinking are some of the facets of personality development and the outcomes of extracurricular activities which are core part of Future World School.

Future World School remains committed to provide quality education to all students irrespective of their social or financial standing. A wide range of scholarships are offered to the bright and talented students who choose to study at FWS. Merit & talent based scholarships are awarded at the time of admission, while the need based financial assistance can be requested in exceptional circumstances.

It is wellknown that long-term success in life is dependent on the child‘s learning environment during the early years of his/ her life. In fact, the first five years are when children discover how to learn therefore laying the foundations of positive learning opportunities during these nascent years is essential for children‘s emotional, social, language, cognitive and physical development.

Our team of well-educated teaching staff has been selected for their experience and aptitude. Early Year Discovery Centre is equipped with educational aids, A/V aids, Exercise for Practical Life – EPL apparatus, scientific apparatus, sensorial, toys and a robust activity program designed to ensure that the child develops all the necessary skills.

At Future World School we believe in engaging oustudentihealthy activities tkeep them physically fiand mentally alert. Swimming being one such activitin addition to the other sports facilities provided at FuturWorld School. Swimming not only keeps a persofit but also develophigh stamina for strenuous and stressful activities. In summersswimming proves tbe very refreshinand fun for students and staff.

Our facilities include a SOx2Sswimming pool which is available fostudents during school hourunder the guidance and supervisioof professional coaches. Our pooikepiexcellenrunnincondition throughout the yeaanis equipped withighesstandards ofiltratioancleaning systems assuring cleaand safe swimming experience tour studentsFirst aiequipmenis also readily availableSafetat the swimming pool iof great concern to oumanagementfor which our professionalltrained coaches are always available

Realizing the growing and inevitable importance of foreign languages for communication, education, business and commerce, Future World School established Chinese, German and French Language Centre and of the best Chinese & german language institute in Pakistan. The Centre supports the teaching and learning of languages with books, CDs, faculty and other relevant material. At FWS, we not only want to give children education but also intend to awaken an interest and understanding for other cultures of the world. Openness to cultural diversity and tolerance towards other people’s distinctiveness are mutually exclusive. To help children grasp this even better we need, more than ever, place where they can meet and learn new things.

We have signed an MOU with China Radio International for CRI – Roots Confucius Classrooms. Our Chinese Language Department has now 18 Full Time Teacher and nearly 7000 students are studying Chinese Language as a full time course of their school curriculum from Grade1 to Grade 7.

We are member of the PASCH School networks, being a member of partners for the future initiative; we started the German Language Classes in September 2009. We have added German Language as part of our curriculum starting from Grade 6 to High

FWS has a well maintained Organic and Sustainable Food Go Green Cafe with adjoining hall for students and staff. Our Cafe is ideal place to encourage students to make healthier food choices, helping to prevent childhood obesity and other health problems. Our experienced cafeteria staff can support you in caring for your child by providing a healthy and tempting menu that meets international nutritional guidelines. Gone are the days of overoily curries and fried foods !!! School meals have changed and now offer more than you might first imagine.

FutureWorld School provides a Nursing& First Aid Centre where the student can be treated in emergencies and provide basic medical aid through a full time trained Nurse. She keeps a check on risk factors involved in the spread of any common infections, like Influenza,Mumps, ChickenPox,etc. She also conducts and organizes awareness raising workshops, on maintaining a healthy life style, for students, faculty, staff and parents. Every student of the Future World School undergoes health checkup one in a year by the doctors of reputed hospital. The checks include eye, dental, ENT, paediatric and general.

Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value to self-control. At Future World School sports and games are integral and compulsory part of the education process. Our MultiPurpose Sports Area provides space and opportunity to play, practice, maintain a healthy life style and promote team spirit. Intra/inter school sports activities, competitions and events are part of Future World School Calendar.

The Future World School has sports facilities which are enumerated as below:

  • BasketballCourt
  • TennisCourt
  • BadmintonCourt SwimmingPool
  • Taekwondo& KarateArea
  • Mind Gaming Room
  • Volley BallCourt
  • Adventure&ThemePark
  • Indoor facilities for TableTennis,Snooker and FussBall
  • RockClimbing Wall

It is equally important to instil strong moral and ethical values in the students who pass through the doors of Future World School. Keeping in view, a prayer and faith room has been allocated in the campus. The prayer and faith room caters for the spiritual and holistic development of students, faculty and staff by offering facilities for daily prayer.

Campus Store is located at lower ground of Block-C of FutureWorld School.It is source for getting School Uniform, Sports Uniform, Karate Uniform, Books, Stationery, souvenirs, cards, badges & giveaways.

All enrolled students of FutureWorld Campus are eligible to apply for Locker.However the locker facility can be availed on first come first serve basis.The lockers are placed at every floor with security monitoring. The term of locker use begins when the locker is assigned to the student and is effective for a period no greater than two months. Students may have the option to renew their locker for another term of two month if they notify the Officer Incharge prior to their applicable expiration date

Education is rapidly moving towards mobile learning on the likes of iPads,Android Tablets and Google Chromebooks. These devices can only communicate with the school’s network over WiFi. At Future World School free Wifi facility is available within the campus.

Introduction of WWF Pakistan

WWF International Network; with its four million supporters is the world’s largest conservative organization working independently for conservation of nature globally and WWF Pakistan was formed in 1970 as a member of this international network. WWF-Pakistan reflects the same vision of conservation of nature and ecological processes by focusing on local needs which includes ensuring sustainability of renewable natural resources, spreading awareness about waste consumption and reducing pollution etc.

In 2010 a “Green School Programme” was launched by WWF Pakistan to enhance public awareness through student engagement in activities on environmental education.

Roots Millennium Schools Partnership with WWF Pakistan

With the spirit of giving back to the Mother Nature and transforming Root Millennium Future World School into a more informed and responsible education system towards preservation of Pakistan’s natural heritage; a partnership for “Green School Programme” was signed on 28th Jan 2013 between Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI) CEO Roots Millennium Future World Schools and Mr. Ali Hassan Habib, DG WWF Pakistan

Through this partnership, Roots Millennium Future World School has become the first ever school system to register for Green School in Pakistan and is entitled to run multiple activities on environmental awareness throughout the academic year. These activities focus on leading a more environmentally conscious generation by raising awareness and inculcating a more positive and responsible attitude in younger generation.

The Green School Programme is planned throughout the academic year in order to provide regular insight and awareness about dynamics of our ecological systems as well as the challenges faced at regional and global level concerning the environment.

The agreement with WWF Pakistan was renewed in March 2018.

Aim of FWS Green School Programme

The programme aims to broaden our learner’s scope as a responsible curator of valuable natural resources and to continuously instill a sense of civic responsibility in their consciousness. It aims to grow our young generation’s capacity towards a positive attitude through project based learning that engages learners and staff in a wholesome approach. The entire school is involved and encouraged in improving management of facilities and resources such as energy, water, waste, products, bio-diverse materials and landscape designs etc. at school and home level.

The idea behind this initiative is to transform Future World Schools into a role model for ecological and sustainable schooling in Pakistan that pass on benefits to the school system itself, the community and the world at large.

Roots Millennium Future World Schools has also pledged to protect the species of snow leopard in Pakistan by officially adopting the snow leopard. Through this initiative, Roots Millennium Future World Schools has become Pakistan’ first ever school system with a 100% registration of students and staff in its campuses as Green Schools.

The Green School activities planned for the year 2018 include:

  • WWF National Art Competition
  • International Day for Preservation of Ozone layer
  • Eco Workshops
  • Origami Workshop
  • Tree Plantation

Millennial Institute of Professional Development- MIPD is Pakistan’s leading institute for professional staff development, teacher training and Montessori education.

A venture initiated by Pakistan’s top educational system; Roots Millennium Schools, MIPD is a reflection of thirty years of educational excellence. The training initiatives provided at MIPD are a major attraction for Educational leaders, Principals, Administrative staff, Student Counselors, National Education Officers, Montessori practitioners, public and private school teachers as well professionals from different fields of life.

The structure of MIPD has been specially designed to enhance and enrich the leadership capacity of individuals primarily in the domain of academics. The aim of this department is to focus on transformation of leaders and teachers at Future World Schools into professionals and experts in Teaching Methodologies of the 21st century. This leadership capability of individuals is augmented through a thorough definition of their leadership role in a milieu of responsibility and accountability within their particular domain.

The expectations from school leaders and schools are changing as the larger communities are seeking to adapt their education systems to the requirements and needs of contemporary world. Leaders are the individuals who think big, work in collaboration with their staff and other leaders as well as ensure active community engagement to build a vision for a better future. The Future World Schools exemplify the same legacy of triumphing brilliance through visionary leadership that motivates the staff as well as the students to outshine in all facets of academic and personal life.

MIPD seeks to provide the teachers at Future World Schools; a number of opportunities for professional development while on service so as to equip our teachers with the ability to face the modern day challenges but also to maintain an excellent and polished teacher work force. The core principle that guides MIPD is the transformation of teachers into “Reflective Practitioners”.

The training programs at MIPD are developed by core faculty comprising of Master Trainers at National and International level in collaboration with training partners as well as acclaimed award winning educational specialists and researchers.

Trainings at MIPD are provided in the most professional yet comfortable environment by making use of modern technology and training resources so as to bring the best impact. Our training rooms have been custom designed and equipped with the most modern video and audio facilities such as high end multimedia etc. it is ensured that every training is fruitful and bears a long term benefit to the individual, the organization, the students and the community through provision of exceptional and rich learning material.

Our Training Faculty make use of their academic expertise combined with field experience in order to integrate knowledge and create enduring concepts that outline the professional and personal development of the teachers as well as to transform their everyday teaching practice.

Education for citizenship addresses the exercising of rights and responsibilities within communities at local, national and global levels. It encompasses the development of informed decision making, and the ability to take thoughtful and responsible action, locally and globally. Young people are citizens of today, not citizens in waiting. Education for citizenship is about developing in learners the ability to take up their place in society as responsible, successful, effective and confident citizens both now and in the future. It provides learners with the opportunity to develop an understanding of fairness and justice, equips them with skills of critical evaluation and encourages the expression of attitudes and beliefs to respond to the challenges we face as global citizens in a constructive and positive manner.

Issues addressed through education for citizenship at Future World School include human rights, sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution, social equality and appreciation of diversity. This resource aims to provide the inspiration for classroom learning and integrated approaches to global citizenship. This will better equip learners with skills, knowledge, values and attitudes required to understand and address complex global issues which often transcend individual disciplines. To achieve the targets and instill the citizenship values, following strategies are applied throughout the curriculum:

Regular reviewing of Citizenship Education practices against the identified outcomes is built into school planning processes. Future World School consults parents, caretakers and families within their communities on values to be fostered and approaches to be adopted (e.g. through school values forums). FWS apply Citizenship Education priorities to the overall curriculum provision, structures and policies, procedures and rules, funding priorities, decision-making arrangements, disciplinary procedures, community relations and welfare pastoral care approaches. FWS collaborates with the other schools across the border to share experiences and good practices and eradicate the differences that are being created on the basis of religion, colour, caste and creed. History has been created and re-created; the future now lies in the hands of the young minds. Let us take the first step in forming not only the minds of the students, but also their citizenship values.

Future World Schools not only wants to give students education but also intends to awaken an interest and understanding for other cultures of the world. Openness to cultural diversity and tolerance towards other people’s distinctiveness are mutually exclusive. At Future World Campus we want our students to engage themselves in learning new cultures, lifestyles and giving opportunities to showcase talents & share achievements so they develop leadership, communication and team work skills.

Future World Schools  is a registered institution on global gateway website and our office of Global Reach and School Link has a direct access to connect our school with rest of the world.

Our Office of Global Reach and School Links has bridged the divide between classrooms and students around the globe. Global School Partnership aims to motivate young people’s commitment to a fairer, more sustainable world. School linking is a fun and immensely rewarding way for teachers and pupils to learn about other countries.

Taking part in projects with an overseas partner school where the target language is spoken hugely enriches the languages curriculum. The added dimension of pupils meeting, either face-to-face or virtually, and having access to authentic cultural input undoubtedly raises standards and motivation for language learning.

Our programmes enable language skills to be developed in a real context, providing pupils with a positive experience of language learning, broadening their cultural horizons and challenging preconceived notions.

We know that students need a respite from their tough study schedules. This is necessary to re-invigorate their energies and for overall holistic development of the participants. The office of RMS Societies manages a wide range of societies catering for both co-curricular and extracurricular activities. All that students have to do is choose an area of interest. The millennium students get plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. There are student’s societies which organize activities of their choice and interest. The school encourages the students to self-manage these societies and provides the required resources and guidance. There is great enthusiasm among students about these activities as these provide a mental relaxation. These activities also bring to the foreground their leadership, creativity, organizational and management skills. Here at RMS, we strive to develop well-rounded students. As such, we encourage all girls and boys to get involved in any number of our many co-curricular activities to add value to their school career. Participating in a co-curricular activity at Millennium Schools;

Allows you to meet, share with and learn from students from different social, geographical and religious backgrounds.
Enables inter-form and inter-school mingling where you can have rewarding and insightful experiences with your seniors or juniors and you will also have a platform where you can relate to other students from other schools near or far.
Enhances existing skills and talents or allows the opportunity to learn new and interesting skills and talents.
Keeps you fit whether mentally, physically or spiritually and out of trouble. You are guaranteed to have a better quality of life and you’ll be too busy enjoying it to get involved in any wayward activities.
Prepares you for a great future as studies everywhere show that teens who get involved and stay involved are more employable and are better team players when they are employed.
Here is a list of the societies that are open to membership for all students;

  • Debating & Declamation Society
  • Arts & Crafts Society
  • English Speaking Union Society
  • Literature & History Society
  • Music & Entertainment Society
  • Sports & Games Society
  • Dramatics & Performing
  • Arts society
  • Media, Science & Digital Society
  • Social Entrepreneurial Society
  • Urdu Language & Literature Society
  • Environmental Society

Millennial National Institute of Teachers Training and Education- MNITTE is Pakistan’s leading teacher training, Montessori education and professional teacher and staff development. institute.

Established since 1988, its a venture borne out  of two decades of educational excellence by Pakistan’s leading educational system, the Future World Schools. Our training initiatives attract public and private school teachers, national education offices, school administrative and leadership staff, principals, educational leaders, academic directors, student counselors, school groups, Mid career professionals and Montessori practitioners.

MNITTE has been specifically structured to enhance leadership capacities predominantly in the realm of academics. This department aims to transform Future World Schools Leaders into specialists in 21st Teaching Methodology and to define their role as leaders in an ambience of accountability and responsibility within their respective domains.

Innovation happens when school leaders think big, collaborate with other leaders, and engage their community to create a vision for the future. Future World Schools personifies the legacy of achieving excellence through great leadership that inspires the child to excel in all aspects of life. School leaders are the most important agents of change who prepare students and communities to thrive in an evolving world.

MNITTE guiding principle is to transform the teacher into a ‘reflective practitioner’ who is a ‘thinker’ and a ‘learner’.

MNITTE training programs are developed by a core faculty of National and International master trainers, training partners and educational  specialist who are acclaimed educators, ground breaking researchers, and award winning academia.

MNITTE makes full use of technology and modern training resources to impact training in a comfortable and a professional environment. Our custom designed training rooms are equipped with all modern audio & video facilities. It includes MMP, high  end multimedia equipment. We at Future World Schools, design and deliver cutting edge training resources to help participants effectively learn.

MNITTE provides a range of high quality blended learning and training materials. Our Training Faculty leverage their academic, subject expertise and field experience to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of teacher education and personal and professional development.

The success of Future World School is evident from the high quality of pupils the institution is producing. Our students are consistently maintaining brilliance in all spheres of education, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at national and international level. The school has made voluntary services and community engagement compulsory for all high school students. FWS students have achieved many world distinctions and High Achiever Awards in the IGCSE ‘O’ & ‘A’ levels, and the B.Sc & LLB degree program each year.

Furthermore, many students are pursuing Higher Education in prestigious national and international universities across the world. Hundreds of students after graduating fromFuture World School are now studying in more than 150 top universities across the world including Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, LSE, UCL, etc. with 100%scholarships.

The philosophy of Future World School is based on holistic development of learners and thus along with academics, great emphasis is made on personality and character development, confidence, exposure, leadership qualities, society contribution, and voluntary work with the underprivileged.

Future World Schools is proud to be a launch pad for its students’ success in winning placements at leading summer schools. An exciting world promising adventure, learning and new experiences awaits the lucky Millennials who have received acceptances from Oxford, Cambridge and all the eight IV leagues including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, Cornell, UPENN and Brown.

Millennial Naeem Tariq Mehmood from Flagship Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad  attended summer program of Introduction to Human Evolution at Harvard University.

Another 3 brilliant Millennials Sohaib Nashit AS Level, Anza Tariq AS Level, Fatima Saeed and Haadia Ahmed IGCSE joined Yale for summers. Abdul Sami attended summer program at University of John Hopkins. Raina Paul, Anza Tariq, Fiza Maqbool, Ayla Ehsan Qureshi and Nabiah Ehsan Qureshi attended summer program at Oxford University.

Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI, Chief ExecutiveFuture World Schools and national Guidance Counselor has played a vital role in making these previously-unattainable placements a reality. The vision behind his institution focues on excellence in academics, perfect SAT scores, Ivy acceptances, extracurricular activities that promote leadership, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and youth empowerment.

At Millennium Schools & Colleges, students are taught to dream, to aspire for heights of excellence and build their lives on the belief “Sharing is the essence of human relationship”. We aim to teach the essential values of humanity, and these dreams turn into reality when FWS students break all world records and score top positions in the world in all National and International Examinations – attain perfect scores in SAT-II 2400/2400, receive admission offers in the top national & international universities with full scholarship in the disciplines of physics, social sciences, arts, technology and engineering programmes at world top universities including MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, NYU, Hongkong University, Mount Holyoke College, Reed College, Welsley College, Boston University, Bilkent University, Stetson University, Drake University, University of Rhode Island, Amherst, LSE, UCL, Kings College, Warwick, Manchester, Agha Khan University, GIK, LUMS, IBA, UET and many more.

As a National Guidance Counselor and Student University Applications Sponsor, CEO Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq work very closely with each student and he take pride and honor in announcing that his students across Pakistan have won scholarships in excess of $45 million over the last 5 academic years, which is testament to Future World School commitment to their career choices and university application support.

Intel Roots SFS ICT Curriculum

Intel® Skills for Success Curriculum, localized with Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan.

Roots Department of Information Communication Technology is committed to ensure that our students are provided with excellent education that encourages integrated virtual teaching and learning, thus promoting ICT as a common denominator to bridge digital divide. There is a strong emphasis on developing global and technology awareness through Curriculum. Keeping in mind the changing paradigm of education today, Roots has customized an ICT curriculum in collaboration with Intel ® Education Pakistan.

The curriculum was subsequently reviewed by Roots ICT Curriculum Lead, key subject officers and technology practitioners’ of Roots and Intel ® Corporation. This curriculum promotes critical thinking, technology literacy, collaboration in amongst students and thus nurture their inherent potential.

Roots Intel CMPC Classroom Initiative

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is an essential ingredient for successful 21st century learning. To promote ICT in education Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan is collaborating with Intel World Ahead Program. This project aims to develop a state-of-the-art lab based on 1: 1 computing devices that incorporates unique software and hardware features to serve educational needs in developing countries. 1: 1 computing device and be used by one student at a time, in schools, to support the unique needs of teaching and interactive learning. 1: 1 computing will be a complete wireless lab where every student has a laptop in front of them and will be connected in a wireless environment.

Dear Students and Educators, this changing paradigm of the 21st century requires that we redefine “education”, “school”, “curriculum”, “teacher” and the “learner”. It requires that we provide an ICT education designed to help our students truly succeed. Roots Millennium Schools remain keenly aware of its responsibility to prepare its students to become digital citizens and future technology leaders. It is a great learning experience where students along with their teachers will reflect their learning and will also get a chance to share their experience of using different ICT tools that caters to the core skills of 21st century i.e. Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking & Creativity.

Future World Schools is one of the best robotics school in PakistanFWS Offer its, students, the opportunity to participate in robotic programmes throughout the year. With entitling themselves with the Millennial Robotic Club Working with robotics promotes essential workplace skills in youth ages 8-14. Students explore teamwork, collaboration and leadership while learning to appreciate science and technology. This effort teaches analytical, logical and critical thinking while engaging young people in fun activities. The goal is to cultivate a new crop of astronomers, biologists, physicists, engineers and other scientists.

Millennials choosing the robotics track will experience the opportunity to build an autonomous Lego Mindstorms NXT robot and programme the robot. M²C members will work in teams to solve missions based on the yearly challenge. The M²C Programme Challenge presents youth with real-world issues and challenges them to come up with solutions. Participants of the M²C programme will learn robotic engineering principles while enjoying a fun, creative, hands-on learning experience on individual basis.

Why Robotics?

Direct Benefits

  • Actively become involved in their own learning process.
  • Build engineering and science intuition.
  • Develop their interests in math and scientific technology.
  • Strengthen their research and problem-solving skills, as well as reading, writing, presentation skills and creativity.

Long-term Benefits

  • Build self-thinkers and appreciate the value of self-motivation and being resourceful.
  • Make achieving goals as a habit.
  • Being active lifetime learner.
  • Give your children the advantage of heads-up to their future science studies capabilities.
  • Build the ability to think through problems strategically with a focus on logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking. This ability is required not only in critical science fields but a lot other professional areas as well.
  • Prepare your children for the competitive workforce, especially in science technology; which is and will be in great demand.
  • Equip your children the skills to be readily applied and transferable to various industries, not just robotics or science.

Beyond Robotics

  • Robotics is a CONCRETE and TANGIBLE way to build and strengthen cognitive development, as well as other academic areas such as mathematics, engineering, communication skills, strategic thinking and goal-oriented thinking.