Recognizing the Millennium High Achievers

Future World School Lahore organized a High Achievers Ceremony on Friday 3rd June 2022 to recognize and celebrate the achievements of A – Level High Achievers.

FWS Lahore had all the reasons to be proud of its learners of Academic Year 2021-22.  Success, achievements, certificates, acceptance letters to dream universities, summer internships, scholarships and smiles full of pride and happiness defined the aura of the High Achiever Ceremony 2022. It was indeed a moment of pride for parents and faculty members of Future World School Lahore Campus seeing school and college CAIE high achievers, university acceptances and meritorious scholarship holders, summer acceptances, extracurricular awards learners lined up to receive their certificate of acknowledgment and appreciation by the esteemed CEO of Akhuwat Foundation Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib , CEO Dr. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI, Principal Future World School Lahore Zarina Sadik on account of the High Achievers and  International Placements Awards 2022.

Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib congratulated learners on receiving merit awards, acceptances and placements in universities of Pakistan and internationally from IVY Leagues, to top Liberal Art colleges at USA, UK, CANADA, TURKEY AND EUROPE. He emphasised on the idea of empathy and sympathy and encouraged learners to step forward to contribute to the community.

The Founder & CEO FWS Dr. Faisal Mushtaq addressed the audience next and congratulated the students for being accepted into top universities across the globe that includes Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Johns Hopkins etc. In his address he encouraged the young millennials to find opportunity in this time of adversity. He motivated them to think beyond the challenges of today and excel in their particular fields as they graduate as the citizens of the world. He also laid emphasis on today’s need for unity, practicality, and empathy.

Learners and Parents had moments of pride, and appreciated Future World School Lahore, school that plays an important role in ensuring that such expectations are inculcated from the very beginning and consistently ingrained in order to motivate the young minds towards their quest for excellence.

Learners of A Levels and IGCSEs delivered the speeches and said that faculty, administration, school`s custodian staff each one has a role. These are the people who sow the seeds of learning, support, encouragement and hold the power to either make or break a child, therefore, it is not only a huge responsibility but a debt that one needs to pay to the future generations in full.

The ceremony generated a wave of gratitude and happiness among the students and parental community of TME and there were a lot of testimonials from the stakeholders who appreciated the system’s efforts in providing an enriching experience to millennials. At the end of the ceremony, FWS management, teaching faculty and entire TME community congratulated parents on achievement of their children and wished learners good luck in their future endeavours.



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