National Runners-up 6th PASCH German Spelling Bee Competition 2022

With immense pride, we announce that our learners have secured a runners-up position at the national level in the Second Round of the 6th PASCH German Spelling Bee Competition 2022.
For many years, the Goethe German Spelling Bee Competition has been organized at different campuses of The Millennium Education Schools and Colleges as well as Future World Schools and Colleges offering German Language Programme. After the pandemic, this year 6th German bee Competition was held in three different regions of Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The contest aimed to encourage learners to memorize new words hence gaining competency to extensive vocabulary. During the preliminary round, participants were given 200 words and subsequently, in the second round, they memorized another 200 words.
The preliminary round of the 6th German PASCH Spelling Bee competition was held at TME One World Campus where around 40 participants from different campuses of twin cities competed to secure their seats for the second round of competition. Online competitions were held for ensuring the participation of teams from Lahore and Karachi as well.
2 teams from Islamabad, 1 team from Lahore and 1 team from Karachi participated in the second round of the competition. It is a moment of great pride for us as our millennials secured runners-up in all the regions, hence making us the national runners-up. Given below are the details of the winners;

Runners-up Islamabad Round

  • Maryam Asad – Future World School Wahid, Islamabad
  • Aahil Mushtaq – Future World School Wahid, Islamabad
  • Izzah Adeel – Future World School Wahid, Islamabad

Runners- up Lahore Round

  • Muhammad Taha – Future World School Lahore
  • Daniyal Asif – Future World School Lahore
  • M. Rayyan Rizwan – Future World School Lahore

Runners-Up Karachi Round

  • Dawood Noman – Future World School Karachi
  • Disha Tilwani – Future World School Karachi
  • Alishba Mansoor – RMS Hillgate Campus Karachi

On the behalf of the entire TME community, we would like to congratulate the parental community for this achievement of our students and their children. We wish our learners success in their future endeavors.

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