Parent-Teacher Conference at Future World Schools

Parent Teacher Meetings are an important part of any school life. Parent teacher meetings are a real and effective  way through which parents can come to school, meet the teachers and school Principal to discuss their child’s holistic development and learning.  Parents and teachers discuss about the child’s academic progress and the way forward. Future World Schools have an Open-Door Policy where parents are welcomed to come any time to discus their child. Meet and Greet Thursdays are planned every Thursday where parents can meet the school administration for any school related issues. Future World School believes in continuous feedback and follow up and reaching out to the parents.

Apart from the continuous feedback throughout the year, The Parent Teacher Meetings are organized four times in an academic year to take parents onboard for discussing the academic performance of the learners and identifying the learning and teaching strategies that will work best for each individual child. Similarly, this year, in January the Parent Teacher Meeting for Mid Term Examinations 2021-2022 was held in FWS Schools and College nationwide.  Also see best eLearning Dubai and eLearning Saudi Arabia company.

A good turnover of the parents was seen on the PTM this year. Though the last year has been difficult due to COVID, a lot of the parents expressed satisfaction and gave positive feedback in terms of the overall development of their children. Future World School is committed to ensuring transparency and two-way communication between the FWS Management and parents through LMS (Matrix) and through its Quality Assurance Portal. FWS believes that it is due to the strong relations of trust and confidence between parents and school, learners were able to perform well. Parents are school essential partners as nobody knows their child better than them. If any child is lacking behind due whatsoever, parents can assist the school in designing such teaching and learning strategies that can prove to be effective.

To recognize the achievements of learners and provide a welcoming ambiance, teachers decorated the school with beautiful creatives on the theme of the academic year i.e., Visible Learning and Well Being.  The projects prepared by learners were also displayed in the school corridors for parents to witness the work of their children. Learners happily and joyfully showed their work to their parents.

To further enhance the learner’s academic performance and experience at school, detailed parental feedback is collected during the one-one session between parents and teachers. As parental feedback is crucial for devising the corrective action plan, FWS also collects the parental feedback via online forms and regular surveys are conducted.

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