TME & TMUC celebrated GEW2022

TME Group and TMUC organized GEW with the aim of engaging and inspiring youth to think and act out of the box while taking full command and expertise of the available market opportunities. Several activities were organized in support of promoting education, ecosystems, and inclusion among students. Global Entrepreneurship Week was celebrated in campuses of The Millennium Education across Pakistan. It was a productive week where learners gained knowledge and experience about starting up their own business. Starting from a business plan to a sustainable start up, the learners were enlightened about how entrepreneurship contributes towards economic growth, human welfare and global advancement.

Learners were engaged in business activities where they gained knowledge about different aspects of the economy. There were numerous activities that provided a learning platform to the students belonging to all tiers of learning. Campuses celebrated Early Years Career Day to introduce the learners to the concept of entrepreneurship. Other activities included interactive talk sessions, morning assemblies on entrepreneurship, startup challenges, youth entrepreneurship displays, online talk sessions, face-to-face business proposal presentations, panel discussions, workshops on entrepreneurship, business seminars, sessions by motivational speakers, community walks, charity drives, bake and sale activities, recycling activities, visits to national incubation centers, business expos, business juries, academic symposiums, cultural stalls displays. The Global Entrepreneurship Week activities nationwide concluded with Qawali and Social nights followed by certificate distribution ceremonies at all campuses

This year, as part of GEW campaign, TMUC Islamabad Campus launched its first ever Millennium GREENNOVATION Challenge, aimed at providing the aspiring youth with the platform to brainstorm and present sustainable business solutions to everyday essentials that minimizes the impact on the environment. The challenge welcomed business idea pitches fostering green innovation, promoting circular economy initiates, and providing realistic market opportunities at national level. Annual Academic Symposium 2022 under GEW featuring the topic: Entrepreneurship in Recession was also held at TMUC Lahore Campus.  Five accomplished entrepreneurs and CEOs from the corporate sector with different backgrounds and fields were invited as panelists. The discussion was extremely beneficial and informative as it revolved around their perspective on Entrepreneurship during recession, and its impact on the economy. Another important  panel discussion and symposium held was under the topic of Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Pakistan, where those who aspire to be a social entrepreneur got an opportunity to learn about the challenges, issues and hardships faced by these entrepreneurs and learnt how to contribute towards sustainable development. Another important panel discussion was Tech Startup where the panelists discussed about Issues Challenges, they face as entrepreneurs and how can they improve way forward with the choices they make as an individual. The discussion revolved around their tech projects sustainability and contribution to the society. In addition, they also discussed the challenges faced in running such projects and what type of support is desired.

Focusing on another important theme was Women Entrepreneurship : The Spearheading Force for the Global Economy a key topic that has hitherto not received much attention in Pakistan and also highlighted the constraints facing women entrepreneurs in business, analyzed their operating environment, described the predominant gender inequalities, and most interestingly provided the narrative stories of the successful panelists selected from various economic backgrounds and family situations.

Similarly, other key highlights of GEW were the cultural melas, organized to promote food-preneurship among students while reflecting on the themes of culture, inclusion, and diversity. Students indulged into multiple cultural festivities reflecting on social solidarity and inclusion, while promoting unity and tolerance. Food-preneurs from different departments put together a scrumptious display of their industrious cuisine, using their culinary knowledge to create business opportunities. Another key highlight was the Fashion Show ‘Blanc Noir’ organized by students of TMUC – Art and Fashion Department (University for the Creative Art) . Young fashion-prenures and TMUC Graduates presented a variety of collections which they had worked hard on it including black and white collection and street style.

Major Social events were held to support GEW in all the cities that included artists and musicians to perform and give the students and the youth an opportunity to plan and organize the social events and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship. Some of the leading artists included DJ Tipsy, Shamoon Ismail, Dj Nights and Qawali Nights.

In a nut-shell, it was the biggest partnership collaboration in the history of GEN-Pakistan through which more than 70 activities and events took place within the network TME and TMUC during GEW 2022. One of the  major event that took place at TMUC was also attended by Mr. Kashif M.Khan, MD-GEN Pakistan, who congratulated TMUC for successfully organizing such a large number of activities across different campuses nationwide and ensuring that Entrepreneurship education reaches all. This would not have been possible without the visionary leadership of Dr. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI).

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